Why Content Marketing?

In 2013, content marketing was on the lips of every digital marketing company and any brand that aimed to have an online presence. Digital ‘evangelists’ who preached the message that content marketing would draw brands and consumers closer together were proven accurate.

In a nutshell, the concept of content marketing is simple: it’s creating meaningful content (text/video/images/podcasts/etc) that not only can attract, but may even convert audience members into customers, and customers into repeat buyers. Because content needs to be disseminated online, it’s becoming more customary for brands to be on multiple social media sites, i.e. where their target audiences live online. The truth is, people are more interested in watching a cat sleeping on top of an infant for five minutes than they are reading your company’s 2014 goals for three, and if they’re interested, they will share.

So why content marketing in 2014? Here are a few reasons:

Establishing Presence
‘Going to the consumers’ gives your target audience an opportunity to catch the lighter-hearted and (importantly) more approachable side of your brand.

Becoming an Authority Figure
The more (high-quality) content you have under the umbrella of your brand, the more you establish yourself as an authoritative voice on the topic(s). According to the Custom Content Council, 7 in 10 consumers prefer to learn about a company through a collection of articles than in an ad, and furthermore, more than half say they become more willing to buy another product from a company that provides them with custom media.

Still Good Investment
Considering that content marketing is such a key form of advertising, many companies are reshuffling their marketing budgets towards content, (hiring writers, shooting videos, build brand-related apps, etc) - yet these costs still come to just a fraction of money spent on traditional advertising.

Google Power Companies that have their own blog can expect to be indexed 400% more times than when they don’t have one, dramatically raising brand visibility online, boosting revenue, and improving SEO rankings.

Productizing Capacity
As more companies engage with content marketing specialists and technology-based solutions, it will enable brands to not only produce high-quality, personalised content, but provide easy bread-crumb trail steps for prospects to evolve from audience to consumer, (for example eConsultancy’s blog receives a million views a month, with 5% of them redirected to product pages).

The main win of content marketing is that it will give your brand something that traditional advertising can’t quickly communicate: character. Content marketing thrives, and will continue to thrive, on content that is interesting, relevant, and shareable. As it is said ‘We have entered an era where every business needs to consider themselves a TV station and a magazine,’ and any brand that doesn’t easily embrace this concept may find they get left behind in the digital shuffle.

Advantages of Content Marketing

- drive traffic to your site
- increase leads
- smart content marketing enables more sales opportunities
- increased visibility
- higher trust from customers
- increased customer loyalty
- more sales opportunity
- increases chances for virality
- having a blog increases Google indexing by 400%
- content marketing is growing

Disadvantages of Content Marketing

- it is not easy
- it can be hard to stray from traditional forms of marketing

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