Top Ten Content Marketing Blogs You Need To Be Familiar With in 2014

Sure, there are a LOT more than ten great sites on content marketing out there but we know time is short and costly, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the best links out there that produce great articles on understanding the ever-changing world of content marketing. We’ve chosen sites that not only have great articles, but also are easy to read, publish regularly, are current, and unafraid to predict the future of content marketing.

In no particular order:

1. Convince and Convert - While technically a site that offers businesses services, their blog is a regular top ranker in lists of the best sites out there in this industry, giving concise but actionable steps for businesses of any size. You can also subscribe to their daily newsletter and podcast geared towards social and marketing professionals, and get some free e-book downloads.

2. Post Advertising - We love this blog because of its keen insight on brands that succeed (and fail) in content marketing, no matter if it’s a brand specializing in healthcare, tourism, retail or whatever.

3. eConsultancy - This blog is really a top-five contender, not only because of its sheer amount of GREAT articles, but because unlike many blog or sites out there, eConsultancy is able to deliver industry-wide research statistics that adds credentials to their observations. A must!

4. Spark Sheet - A good-looking site that delivers objective articles on how brands are becoming media houses in essence and why we should pay attention to them.

5. Word to the Wise - While the site itself kind of looks like a Reddit page and not exactly a content marketing site, Word to the Wise is one of those sites that’s underrated but needs to be on everyone’s watchlist. Its specialty is on email marketing, an important department of content management as it directly affects the welfare of your valued customers.

6. Copyblogger - This site goes from strength to strength every year. Although they are highly US-focused, they have a great blog and also offer free registration and access to 14 e-books on everything from content marketing to keyword research, as well as a 20-part online course on internet marketing.

7. ideaLaunch - A fantastic blog that is pretty evenly divided between relevant reports on content evolution, and actionable steps businesses can implement to create better and bigger content.

8. Content Marketing Institute - This site features some of the most well-known and followed voices in the content/social marketing sphere, (Joe Pulizzi, Robert Rose, Sarah Mitchell post regularly), with awesome insight on sustainable content creation and forecasts for future trends.

9. Quick Sprout - This is one to watch out for this year, launched by Neil Patel, the same guy who co-founded KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg. The ‘Guides’ series is simply outstanding, offering newbies and professionals alike titles such as ‘The Definitive Guide to Link Building’, and ‘The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing’ and more. (Really this is probably the most important blog off this entire list).

10. Digital Sherpa - Again, a great and content-rich blog, but we particularly love their attention to two often-overlooked areas: mobile content marketing and content marketing for small businesses.

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