How to increase likes on Facebook fan page?

Basically we all want the same out of fan page and that is to have a large fan base who will like our posts and in the end buy products. You must have heard a story that someone has got 5000 fans in a week, but you have to know that (except in some cases when for example a well known brand has decided to make a fan page) is not possible. At least not in a legal manner or without big investments in advertising.

Unless you are not ready to spend a bigger amount of money for new fans then you will have to wait for reaching a larger fan base. The most important thing is to know that your fans will most likely love your service or your product and they will engage in communication over Facebook. Those are the fans you should care for and you really want to have in your corner.

Let's begin with advices! Do we have to tell you that you need to make a fan page :D

Add Facebook Social plugins on your webpage
First thing you will need to do on your webpage is to add a Facebook LIKE button and Facebook box.  Place them on a visible place. This way all the users who visit your site might click to like you on Facebook and you'll get new and genuine likes for free.

Use your friends
You got to let people know about your new page. The best way to start is to tell your friends about it and if you can show them. Click on your fan page on a suggest a friend and you'll have first fans. This is a great way to let people know about it because when they like it their friends will see it on their news feed and they might like it as well.

Short and to the point
Nobody wants to read long and boring feeds. We all want information to be short and exact and to the point because time is money. When you are posting something online try to keep it under 150 characters, and if it was up to us at Digitalni Turizam keep it under 100 characters. Those kind of posts will have 60% more likes.

Be positive
The most sharable content on Facebook is positive and cheerful. When people share pictures or any other kind of content their friends see that post and you have an audience that might be part of your world - your fans. That's why positive and merry content is very important. Always try to put a positive spin on anything!

Quality content
When you are sharing interesting and quality content not only you are keeping your fans you have, but their friends will be intrigued and you might get new fans. I know you are wondering what is quality content? That is very complex question. Let's start with this. Sometimes it is better not to post anything than some kind of stupid post that might have negative influence on existing fans. Every industry has it's own rules and values. Ask yourself first is this what you are about to share with the world interesting to you or business industry you are into? If you have positive answer that be our guest and post it! Those kind of post will get approval of fans and engagement will be very positive. Be sure to keep an eye on numbers (insights) because they are the real guide to the quality content.

Be educational
People love stuff that teaches them new and cool things. Advices, how-to guides, tips are very well read and shared. Just be sure that the content is valid and easy to follow.

Be relevant
When you are posting on your wall be sure that a lot of people (depends on latest Facebook algorithm) will see it regardless if it is interesting, boring, new or old as a Bible. Question is only what reaction will you get in the end from your fans. That's why you have to be up to date, relevant, trending and interesting. Depending on industry you belong to try to share posts that are meaningful today or will become very popular in the near future.  Post have to have value and intrigue people to like or share your content. Think about the information you are posting and does that interest people in your field of expertise and then click SHARE!  

Pictures, pictures & more pictures
Give special attention to pictures you are posting because picture is worth a 1000 words. Sometimes all you need is a good photo to get you likes or shares on social network.

Reward fans
Remember that it is not hard to get a fan but to keep him or her engaged. Once users click LIKE it is only then it becomes interesting. You can from time to time reward fans with something 'little' like special offer, gift, discount... Fans will know to appreciate and the story will roll itself like a snowball rolling down a mountain.

Keep your page worth visiting
People will visit page and share content if you post regularly, interesting and update content like pictures, videos, links on interesting articles (like how-to's...).

Don't be afraid to ask for help
Remember the quote: If you build it, they will come. You have to think positive and if you ask for help from your friends/fans the job will be done much easier and quicker than you think. But don't exaggerate with demands, be realistic and ask them to share content when you really need it.

Weekends are made for Facebook
Statistic says that posts on Saturday and Sunday have 14,5% better engagement then during week days. But 14% of all posts is shared during weekend. Big brands have community managers who are working Monday to Friday from 7-20. CM's posts have 14% less interaction with fans during that time then during non-working hours from 20-7.

Don't miss out on promoting fan page
Promote your Facebook fan page whenever you get a chance to. Add Facebook fan page to your signature in e-mail, newsletter, wherever you can add a link to fan page, link in text or even on QR code on a store. Don't miss out on a any chance of promoting your brand.

Measure, analyze and learn
Use Facebook Insights to find out what is working and what people actually like and share. See the reach of your posts, how many users were engaged, how many new likes did you get... Sometimes is better to look at numbers and what they tell you what is interesting for fans and what is not then to think some posts are better than the other. Maybe you will like that cute post about babies but fans (on bicycle page) might not appreciate that. If you find a baby riding a bike or something related to your brand that will result in great success. All those analysis will be a great guidance for future posts.

Hire a community manager
Almost every company should hire a community manager for Facebook fan page. CM's know how to communicate to users on daily basis and have time to do so. You just can't have time for everything and need to pick your poison. Social network is business that needs great attention and know how, so it is easier to let it go to the professional who will do it even better that you expect them to. CM's are online almost 24/7, and have their ways to talk to fans and intrigue them with the posts. They will answer the questions from fans in the shortest period of time as they can, they will be polite and fair to all of them and will try to engage with them in interesting conversations and seek with different ways for new fans on daily basis. It is not easy way of making a living, but it is a interesting, dynamic and gradual process and work. CM's will give you analysis (monthly, weekly or daily). And all you have to do is your job and live social media to community managers.

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