How Do We Achieve The Best Google AdWords Results

Digitalni Turizam is professional and creative agency that offers top performance in online marketing. We have long term experience and we are constantly learning how to achieve better results for our clients. We take care of our client's business needs, whilst carefully monitoring competition activity and approaching our job with enthusiasm.

Experience has showed us that every client has its own demands and we offer our advice to help you exceed your goals. Each client is important and we cater to those of all sizes. Privacy and information security is one of our highest priorities as we understand your confidence in us will result in a long-term commitment. Let us try to show you how we approach every client.

Analyzing your services
Every company is different, and we aim to highlight and promote further the greatest sell points your company has. The more we are able to know about your company, the more we are able to help you see it with fresh eyes.

Analyzing competition

We will give your potential customers more than enough reason to pick your company from the crowd.

Selecting strategy
Our experience will have a key role here. Digitalni Turizam will advise you on what the best line of work would be for you.

Selecting keywords and phrases
Our experience is key here. Many companies use keywords that are not the most suited to their needs and company, but we are able to give insight and execute optimized keywords and phrasing, (and even important negative keywords that you want to avoid). These are then placed in ad groups to gain higher quality score (QS) that is vital to your ad position and pricing of keyword itself.

Creating ads
After we have chosen keywords, now we have to create interesting ads that will make customers want to click on them. Experience is once again the key. In time we will test all the ads and choose the best ones and the others we’ll replace with the new ones and test them again. Testing will never be done because it can always get better!

Landing page
Now that all is set, you will have to take into consideration that a customer that clicked on your ad will have to find that product on your website. Landing page will have to be clear and direct for customer’s interest that brought him/her here. You don’t want to lose customer now when you need one final step until purchase. We will pick the best possible pages for our clients, but for a customer as well, and we’ll give you advices on how to build even better landing page.

Tracking and reporting
The best thing about online advertising is that everything is measurable. To us it may seem that one ad is performing better that the other but the numbers don’t lie. There are no feelings and everything is transparent and you will really find out which one is the best performing ad. Selecting the best performing ad will give us the best results and return on investment (ROI).

Doesn’t need to be said that you will receive reports on daily, weekly, monthly basis or whenever you wish. It is in our interest, here in Digitalni Turizam, to keep our clients happy and satisfied with our work, and therefore with your own business. Your success is our happiness!

Why Google AdWords?

- over 80% of people in the world uses Google search engine
- you pay per click (only when user clicks on your ad and comes to your webpage)
- potential big return on investment (ROI)
- your ads are shown to people that are interested in your products and services
- every click and step is measurable
- quickness of information you receive from users


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