Google AdWords


How Do We Achieve The Best Google AdWords Results

Digitalni Turizam is professional and creative agency that offers top performance in online marketing. We aim for long term commitment and we don't just want to take your money and run. Let us try to show you how we approach our every client. read more...


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Digitalni Turizam, as a member of Google Partner Program, 75€ that we will transform into clicks and your profit! Increase your online visibility and ensure potential clients to reach products or services you are offering by taking advantage of our special offer. read more...

What is Google AdWords?

AdWords has evolved into Google's main advertising product and main source of revenue. AdWords helps costumers find your ad when they are looking for something related to a product or service you are offering. Ads are paid per thousand impressions (CPM) or, mostly used, per click (CPC). Advertising with Google AdWords is proven to be the best marketing tool. read more...

Why should you advertise on Google AdWords?

More than 80% of people in the world uses Google search engine, while the rest of the population will ran across ads on other websites. Your ad can be seen by people who are looking for product or service you provide. The most important reason is that your budget won't decrease until someone clicks on ad (CPC). Everything is measurable! read more...


Your success is our success

Invest in marketing to make money. Unbelievable, right? But numbers don't lie. We will take care of your profit. If you are happy with your success, our work is done! Hire us to build your dream! read more...


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Want online advertisement and with Google AdWords? Not sure how much that costs? Contact us without ANY commitment, let us do the analysis and give you advice about your next steps. All that, of course, for FREE! read more...

Why Google AdWords?

- over 80% of people in the world uses Google search engine
- you pay per click (only when user clicks on your ad and comes to your webpage)
- potential big return on investment (ROI)
- your ads are shown to people that are interested in your products and services
- every click and step is measurable
- quickness of information you receive from users

Why you should choose Digitalni Turizam?

- we are professional and creative agency that offers top performance
- we have long term experience with internet marketing (from 2005)
- part of a Google Partners program
- certified AdWords experts
- NO extra charges - you know exactly what your monthly cost is for campaign
- fast realization and support (answering all requests in 24 hours)
- FREE evaluation and offer
- your success is our success