Advertise on Facebook

Advertising on most popular social network can be targeted and your ads shown to the groups of users who have shown interest in your products or services on their profiles. Our services will increase your traffic, visibility and will get you close to your clients in a best possible way. read more...

If you are not on Facebook, you don''t exist

There are over a billion Facebook users all over the world and that number is constantly growing. More than 75% of Facebook users are online every day! The average user has 319 friends and creates 90 pieces of content each month. For someone who plans to advertise on social network this data is priceless. Actually, you can't afford not to be on Facebook. read more...

Advantages of Facebook advertising

Facebook has really an amazing influence on consumers and really incredible reach. Worldwide there are more than a billion active users who log in several times per day and spend a lot of time online. That is excellent date for people or firms who want to advertise on Facebook. read more...

Disadvantages of Facebook advertising

Founder of the most popular social network in the world Mark Zuckerberg will get richer every day because of his Facebook users. That will always be the case when people don't know how to use tools that social network offers. Facebook advertising has more advantages than disadvantages, but yes, there are flaws. read more...


5 things about Facebook nobody knows

- adding pictures is everyone's favorite activity and around 350 millions of pictures are added daily
- 66,4% shoppers will notify on Facebook their friends about discounts and promotions
- 58% of users expect special offers, sales, events when they become Facebook fans of some brand
- 75% of entire interaction on Facebook post with link on a page is within 5 hours from the moment of posting a status
- average lifespan of a Facebook post is 80 minutes

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