Content Marketing

4 Basic Rules to Content Marketing

Content marketing can be based on four simple rules that will keep happy all parties in circle of life. From normal reader to buyer and, last but not least, to our loyal customers that are with us every day. read more...

Why Content Marketing?

In 2013, content marketing was on the lips of every digital marketing company and any brand that aimed to have an online presence. Digital ‘evangelists’ who preached the message that content marketing would draw brands and consumers closer together were proven accurate. read more...

Advantages of Content Marketing

- drive traffic to your site
- increase leads
- smart content marketing enables more sales opportunities
- increased visibility
- higher trust from customers
- increased customer loyalty
- more sales opportunity
- increases chances for virality
- having a blog increases Google indexing by 400%
- content marketing is growing

Disadvantages of Content Marketing

- it is not easy
- it can be hard to stray from traditional forms of marketing

Why you should choose Digitalni Turizam?

- we are professional and creative agency that offers top performance
- we have long term experience with internet marketing (from 2005)
- part of a Google Partners program
- certified AdWords experts
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- fast realization and support (answering all requests in 24 hours)
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- your success is our success