5 Don''ts With Facebook Fan Page

Here are couple advices on what NOT to do with your fan page: don't spam people, don't be stubborn, there are certain social rules you got to obey and please don't delete commentaries. read more...

Top 5 WordPress Plugins for SEO

After you have installed WordPress it’s time to go a bit deeper. You need to install some plugins to improve website – SEO, usability, and conversion. Every website is unique and special and demands certain improvements depending on its activity. read more...

Google AdWords Launches Flexible Conversion Counting

The goal is to help advertisers track the types of conversions that work best for their business model. There are now two new columns in the flexible conversion counting that replace the current conversions (one-per-click) and conversions (many-per-click). read more...

Top Ten Content Marketing Blogs You Need To Be Familiar With in 2014

We’ve chosen sites that not only have great articles, but also are easy to read, publish regularly, are current, and unafraid to predict the future of content marketing. read more...

Facebook Admits Lowering Organic Reach for Pages to 2[%]

Owners of the most popular social network in the world have admitted lowering number of fans seeing organic posts. Before this last decrease it was around 16% who saw the posts, and then in time it was 6-8%, and at the end of 2013 that fell to 1-2%. read more...

Highest position in Google AdWords doesn''t guarantee the best CTR

Researches have proven that is not always the best to be first. This means that you don't have to pay more for a click and still get better CTR or even ROI. read more...

Google Updated AdWords Ad Rank Algorithm

Google is pushing advertises to use extensions in their ads that can help user itself with more relevant information to acquire that desired query. Because of users Google has implemented that into Ad Rank algorithm. read more...

How to increase likes on Facebook fan page?

Basically we all want the same out of fan page and that is to have a large fan base who will like our posts and in the end buy products. You must have heard a story that someone has got 5000 fans in a week, but you have to know that (except in some cases) it is not possible. At least not in a legal manner or without big investments in advertising. read more...


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