4 Basic Rules to Content Marketing

In every business there are some basic rules that is the way in online marketing. Content marketing can be based on four simple rules that will keep happy all parties in circle of life. From normal reader to buyer and, last but not least, to our loyal customers that are with us every day.

Plan Ahead
Don’t run out of things to say. While it’s one thing for any company to launch their presence on 12 different social media sites, it’s an entirely different story at maintaining updates. Many will start to lose their audience simply by posting less and less frequently. The key is to have, if possible, a point person whose job is solely to manage social platforms for the company, but failing that, an editorial calendar where you can plan out posts/video/images at the beginning of every month and schedule them for, let’s say, every Tuesday. Scheduling ensures that your brand is still engaging with its audience, while giving you the flexibility to add to/take away content as you see fit over the weeks.

Have A ‘Headquarters’
Speaking of a point person to manage your social media, it’s probably more imperative to make things easier for you by making everything centralized. There are some great online platforms where you register all the places you have a presence in, and manage your Twitter + Facebook + Pinterest + Instagram etc etc in one screen. Hootsuite is a major name that offers this kind of service, and is used by the likes of Virgin, WWF (think animals, not wrestlers), CBS and the list goes. There are a few other services like Hootsuite, but regardless of which one you employ, a major advantage is that it helps you track analytics (metrics of customer engagement) of your content so you know what works and doesn’t for your brand.

Stay Relevant, Push High-Quality
We mentioned that too little content can lose your audience, but so can too much. There’s a lot of stuff out there, and the key is to win your audience’s trust and interest by only releasing well-thought out, well-timed pieces, making sure that you learn from audience responses to each.

Don’t Forget Mobile
Stats show that mobile phone internet users will grow to 39% in Europe this year, and with 334 million mobile phone users already in place, the smartest brands will do well to start catering smart content that’s mobile-specific. That means creating content that’s compatible and catered to smartphone devices, (shorter texts, less but key use of images, clear links to brand site etc). 

Advantages of Content Marketing

- drive traffic to your site
- increase leads
- smart content marketing enables more sales opportunities
- increased visibility
- higher trust from customers
- increased customer loyalty
- more sales opportunity
- increases chances for virality
- having a blog increases Google indexing by 400%
- content marketing is growing

Disadvantages of Content Marketing

- it is not easy
- it can be hard to stray from traditional forms of marketing

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